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If you believe in dreams and love fairy tales or you are looking for elementary or middle grade lesson plans and classroom ideas you are in the right place. And if you are interested in therapeutic writing, therapeutic poetry or finding the path to mindfulness to heal an injured mind, you are in the right place, because this diversified author takes her readers through dreams and fairy tales, down to the depths of despair and onto survival.

You will find story synopses, excerpts, teacher’s lesson plans, therapeutic poetry, expressive writing workshops, seminars and media information. You can even learn how to have a polka dot day with a party pack for ages 5-8. party packs includes fun with literacy, crafts, show and tell, sharing and other party ideas. It includes invitations, a small book, gift bag with stickers, small cards and even a magnifying glass.    click here to contact me for more information


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Combine the wonders of modern technology with one of the most effective ways to educate our children—reading the written page. edwina beena stimulates a sense of wonder and the imagination of a child. with just a light touch and flick on an ipad or ipod your child’s index finger and thumb will turn into a magnifying glass so they can explore, along with edwina beena, her delightful polka dot world.



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If you loved the velveteen rabbit you will love this new, or should we say, lost fairy tale from the brothers Grimm. but the fairy tale was not the only thing that was lost and it took a little girl with a curious mind and determined spirit to find it.


amazon kindle self help top 100—inner child.

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Inside you will find writing samples, charts as well as therapeutic poetry that can be used to stimulate expressive/therapeutic writing in yourself or in others. readers will benefit from the real depth of understanding an injured mind  and yet enjoy the simplicity of the uncluttered information in Janie’s book.


top 100 for amazon kindle self help—inner child

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Julie lesson plans 28 page booklet includes:
curriculum standards/facts-did you know/weekly updates/
chapter questions for discussion/activities/historical pictures
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great for home schooling and special needs kids.

Midwest book review  Children's Bookwatch: July 2008: First published as a serial story in the newspapers, "Julie & the Lost Fairy Tale" is now a novel for children and young adults. an original and captivating tale, "Julie & the Lost Fairy Tale" follows the relationship between Julie, her grandmother, and a mysterious travel chest. Highly recommended for community library young adult fiction collections.


 Released April 2009

Discussion guidelines included
share in the author's therapeutic writing journey.
one reviewer said, "it's the hardest book i ever loved!"

book review: 

"Great book. powerful writing. haunting words. i have read many books about abuse. this one really
 focuses on the truly dark secrets and the struggles that continued to cling for a very long time.
— "Dore e. Frances, m.a. (Therapeutic Consultant) Horizon Family Solutions, llc

Emily/out of My Mother's Darkness (autobiographical fiction) view synopsis


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Have you ever had a polka dot day? would you like to have a polka dot day? this book was designed to help kids who are chronically ill to have a polka dot day. The author needs your help to fulfill her dream to get these books sent to kids wrapped in polka dot paper along with an attached cello bag filled with stickers, small cards and a magnifying glass.  Imagine the delight of a frightened or worried child in a hospital or police station opening this gift package.

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 (Available in English, Japanese and Spanish)

This small, soft cover book can slip into your bag or briefcase. you can read to your kids anytime, even while you are away through a video phone call. it's a short, fun story to read! you will fall in love with this new illustrator Yasuyo Folks. She has brought to life lovable, memorable scenes and characters. her Japanese/American style can not be matched for it's simplicity and beauty.

Ask the author about a Polka Dot Parade


New booklets available with writing samples, charts and lesson plans.
useful tools for teachers and counselors.

"Helping Tweens and Teens Through Creative/Therapeutic Writing"


"Help Yourself Through Creative/Therapeutic Writing"

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Listen and talk with Janie September 14th 2009 on: www.latalkradio.com
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(Mindfulness—Mindsight—Emotional Intelligence)

When Silence Reigns—the Mind Body Connection


who wove this tangled spider web
that wraps itself around my vital organs

who created this monster octopus
with its cruel arms
that strangle my inside parts
causing so much pain

Mommy was it you

My new book entitled: When Silence Reigns—The Mind Body Connection is on the roll, thanks to the work of Dr. Jeanne Segal and Dr. Dan Siegel on the neuro-scientific approach to emotional intelligence mindfulness and  mindsight.  I've been trying to put the pieces of the Humpty Dumpty me back together again and their work gave me the last few pieces that I needed to move forward in this book. Readers will learn how to find relief from chronic pain, fibromyalgia, myofasial pain and ptsd.

mindsight check out http://drdansiegel.com/

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Julie & the Lost Fairy Tale
picked one of the top ten for historical fiction.
a writer to believe in

  one reader calls the Julie book a Hallmark Story.

it touched her heart. It will touch yours.

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